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Knowing our biodiversity beyond borders  

November 06 to 09

from 2018

November 06 to 09

from 2018

Popayan, Cauca



Two years ago we had the pleasure of organizing the 2016 Colombian Ecology Congress, which was a great success; For this reason, this 2018 we want to invite you to participate again in this event, which aims to promote and extend spaces for debate, exchange and presentation of results, experiences and learning in the area of Ecology and related sciences at the national level. In order to generate spaces for discussion on the environmental aspects of Colombia for the construction of scenarios of peace in the territories; Arasarí Conservation and Research and the National College of Ecologists - COLNADE, are pleased to invite you to the 2018 Colombian Congress of Ecology: "Knowing our biodiversity beyond borders" to be held on November 06, 07, 08 and 09, 2018 , in Popayán, Cauca-Colombia, South America (detailed information on audiences will be announced in the following circulars).


  • Generate spaces for the exchange of knowledge from an interdisciplinary, holistic and systemic vision of the human-society-nature relationship, which consolidates theoretical and scientific perspectives and postulates to face the new scenarios and challenges that are being generated in the country.

  • Promote a space for the presentation of results and experiences derived from research activities, social projection, teaching, consulting and implementation of public policies in the context of post-agreement and the opportunities that have been given to learn more about the biodiversity of Colombia .

  • Generate meeting spaces between the different actors that develop Ecology in an applied way, nationally and internationally.


Water resources, marine and continental ecosystems
Socio-ecological systems and socio-environmental conflicts
Agroecology and production systems
Ecology of biodiversity conservation
Functional ecology and ecosystem services
Landscape ecology and land uses
Evolutionary ecology
Computational, applied and / or modeling ecology
Ecological restoration and invasive species
Environmental impact and environmental policies
Environmental education, awareness and environmental awareness

Keynote speakers

Marnix leonard becking
Recurso 2.png

Biologist with a Master's Degree in Tropical Ecology from the University of Amsterdam.

He has dedicated more than 25 years as a specialist in international cooperation issues in the Andean-Amazonian countries, on issues of forest management, biodiversity, climate change - REDD +, governance and equity.

As a connoisseur, researcher and passionate about the Amazonian territory, he has a clear vision of the socio-political situation in countries such as Ecuador, Bolivia, Peru, Brazil, Colombia, among other Latin American countries. She has extensive knowledge of cross-cutting issues such as the gender approach, interculturality, the rights of indigenous peoples, poverty and good governance related to democracy and decentralization processes.

Marnix currently serves as Senior Advisor for the Amazon Vision Program.


Civil Engineer from the Universidad de los Andes, Master in Physical and Environmental Geography from the University of Illinois and PhD in Geography from the University of Florida. His main specialties are the tropical Andes with a focus on rural geography and spatial analysis. He has dealt with a fundamental issue for the country that is coffee, with its economic and socio-cultural implications that has transformed the regional landscape.


Professor at the Interdisciplinary Center for Development Studies (Cider) and today he is an associate professor in the Department of History of the Universidad de los Andes.

Recurso 1.png

Compensation Specialist at The Nature Conservancy.


Biologist, with a master's degree in environmental management. More than 10 years of experience in topics related to ecosystem management, the use and management of natural resources, adaptive management and resilience. He has worked in public and private institutions in the analysis of the relationship between biodiversity and its social, cultural and political components. He has a particular interest in working on issues related to biodiversity as an engine for development and biodiversity and productive sectors. He is currently part of The Nature Conservancy-TNC team, as a compensation specialist for the North Andes and South Central America (NASCA) region.


Ecologist, MSc., With 20 years of experience.

International specialist land use planning and management, climate change management: adaptation and mitigation, rural economic development and value chains, forest conservation and management, environmental valuation, management and management of protected areas, ecological restoration of ecosystems and landscapes, strategic management of the water resources and hydrographic basins, negotiation for conservation, resolution of social conflicts, pure and applied research and formulation and execution of development projects.

International Restorer Accredited by the Ibero-American and Caribbean Society for Ecological Restoration - SIACRE

Pre-Congress Forum in



"Forests of Antioquia in the Post-Agreement"


Juan Felipe Blanco-Libreros, PhD.

Mangroves of Antioquia and Colombia in the post-agreement.

Álvaro Idárraga Piedrahita

Current state of the dry forest in Antioquia

Sebastian Gonzalez-Caro

Past, present and future of the Andean forests of Antioquia

Registration: here


"Ecology for the conservation of Epiphytic plants"


Agustina Ventre Lespiaucq, PhD.

Decision makers panel

Panel de tomadores.png

"Knowing our biodiversity beyond borders"

Moderated by: Luis Alfonso Ortega Fernadez

EcoHabitats Foundation


Regional Autonomous Corporation of Cauca - CRC

Camilo Gonzales Posso - Institute of Studies for Development and Peace -INDEPAZ

Juan Pablo Paz Concha - University of Cauca -TULL Rural Development Research Group

Hernando García Martínez - Deputy Director of Research at the Alexander von Humboldt Institute

Liliana Recaman Mejia - Aqueduct and Sewerage of Popayán SA. ESP

Commercial space

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