Dora Catalina Concha Osbahr


Experience in project management, work with interdisciplinary groups, and workshops for children, youth, and adults.

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Francy Helena Hernandez


Experience in hydrobiological studies with emphasis on continental fish diversity, governance processes, participatory workshops, and environmental project management.

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Environmental Services Manager

L. Camila Pacheco Riaño

Ph.D. candidate in Global Ecology (UiB). Experience in studies and dynamics of

ecological communities and landscape ecology, ecosystem studies, and species distribution. Expert in spatial modeling with GIS and R tools

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Communications Coordinator

Kelly alejandra Saavedra


Experience in the design and implementation of environmental projects aimed at the conservation and management of natural resources, integrated biodiversity analysis, and GIS tools.

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Research Manager

Ivon Alejandra Orjuela

Ecologist and Scientific Illustrator

Experience in environmental education, preparation of workshops and preparation of didactic material.

He has worked in vegetation and botanical studies

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Training Manager

Jeisson David Trujillo

Business administrator

Interested in strategic consulting.

Experience in working with interdisciplinary groups and organizations of business diagnostic plans and market studies.

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Administrative manager

Andres Giraldo Jaramillo


Master's student in Management of Protected Areas and Ecoregional Development at the University of Costa Rica.

Experience as a teacher in vulnerable population contexts. Design and execution of research projects in herpetology and ecosystem services.

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Public Accountant with extensive experience in companies in the real sector, taxes and business consulting.
Great strengths in managing the computer tools necessary for the development of effective work, advice on tax issues with third parties and with the inspection body.


Volunteers and thesis students

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Monica Peñuela Salgado

Biologist, Master in Biological Sciences, Specialist in Environmental Management and student of the Specialization in Environmental Education. With experience both in university teaching in basic sciences (biology and chemistry) and in research, mainly in mammalogy and functional ecology.


Constance kennedy

She is a beekeeper with a degree in Political Science. She Lives between Bogotá and California, USA.

She has experience writing proposals for projects focused on biodiversity conservation and has an interest in environmental education and the defense of the environment.


Angie Lorena Martinez Aguirre

Technologist in Environmental Waste Management, Aspiring to the title of Environmental Engineer. With interest in the processes of awareness and training of the community regarding waste management, education and environmental management.


Laura Juliana Guerrero

Ecologist with experience in scientific writing, development of socio-environmental projects and environmental education. In addition to great skill and interest in scientific and naturalistic illustration


Michelle Vera

Biologist. She has some experience in phylogenetic and taxonomic studies in fungi. Great interest in research in plant physiology and ecology, as well as in environmental conservation and restoration projects and scientific dissemination.



Technologist in Natural Resources management, Biology student, cat lover, with great interest in processes of conservation of Colombian fauna and flora, fan of botanical illustration in watercolor


Cindy Martinez

Biologist, Master's student in Conservation and use of Biodiversity at the Universidad Javeriana. With experience in environmental education and nature tourism. Primate lover.



Biology student, interested in sharing knowledge about the conservation and biodiversity of the country, implementing scientific dissemination, education and participation with the community