Management of Biodiversity and the territory

Territorial management is one of the key components for the sustainability of societies, it is considered the bridge between conservation and sustainable development. Territorial management seeks to connect and articulate, under the concept of sustainable development the physical resources, territory, biodiversity, the social component, and economic aspects.

We offer a service focused on the conservation, management and sustainable use of flora and fauna species, as well as natural resources and ecosystems.

How do we do sustainable management of the territory?

Knowing what you have, what you produce, the vocation of land use, the resources you have, your needs and expectations.

To achieve this we offer:

  • Environmental zoning

  • biodiversity inventories (fauna and flora)

  • Plans of use, management, and conservation of fauna, flora, and ecosystems

  • Advice for agricultural production systems

  • Studies in landscape ecology

  • Identification and study of ecotourism attractions

  • Studies with Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

  • Studies at the river basin level

  • Advice for creation and management of natural reserves of civil society

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