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June 27 to 29, 2018


Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, Bogotá

The Encounter


Generate meeting spaces between the different people and institutions that develop scientific illustration at the national level, to publicize the importance of illustration as a tool for the dissemination of scientific knowledge.



Geraldine MacKinnon


He studied Visual Arts and Education at the Universidad Católica de Chile.

He has collaborated on several occasions with the National Museum of Natural History of Santiago, where he was Artist in Residence (2016). In 2012 he worked at the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh (Scotland) illustrating Chilean plants as Artist in Residence. He is an active member of the American Society of Botanical Artists, ASBA and a founding member of the Círculo de Ilustradores Naturalistas de Chile, Cinc.

She is the director of the RBGE Botanical Illustration Course at the Institute of Geography of the Catholic University of Chile and gives classes in different parts of her country.

His works can be found in museums, foundations and private collections in Chile, London, Edinburgh, Miami, New York and Kaua'i, where he is a member of the NTBG Florilegium Project.

In addition to his plastic work and pedagogical work, he regularly attends conferences and meetings in order to promote Botanical Illustration in his country.

Magistral_Marie Joelle

Marie Joelle Giraud


Illustration Specialist from the School of Arts and Letters Corporation and Geological Engineer from the Pedagogical and Technological University of Colombia.

From 2009 to 2016 she worked at the Colombian Geological Survey as a scientific illustrator mainly of ammonites in the technique of graphite pencils, and other products in watercolor, ink and digital illustration.

He currently works as an independent supporting doctoral theses, museums and projects of scientific illustration applied to geoscientific dissemination.


Oscar Vilca


Painter and sculptor. He trained at the Faculty of Art of the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru and at the National Superior Autonomous School of Fine Arts.

His constant trips to the Andes and the jungle of Peru, observing and learning from nature, led him to commit his work to conservation and environmental dissemination.

He is currently in charge of registering the
flora and fauna of the ecosystems of the Cloud Forest and the Amazon for ecotourism projects of conservation organizations, working as a team with scientists,
ornithologists, biologists, botanists, etc. His illustrations have been published in environmental interpretation centers, field guides, infographics, and specialized books.


Juan Carlos Pérez


Graphic designer from the San Francisco de Quito University. Silkscreen lover who since 2004 began to illustrate for his own company Zigze together with his wife María Paz Carrasco.

Zigze is an eco-company where design and art is inspired by the Ecuadorian flora and fauna. Where each shirt, diary and vase is made by hand with national raw materials and applying ecological processes.

"Juanchi" Pérez recognizes himself as a lover and student of nature; an illustrator-naturalist who has traveled through Ecuador to make direct contact with the rich biodiversity, to soak up it. A regular practitioner of mountaineering and hiking, he sees in these activities important allies that
They have expanded the possibilities of reaching places that few venture, to be able to contemplate natural beauty first-hand and translate it into their works.


Rosa Alves Pereira


Rosa Alves, as she is better known, has a degree in Visual Arts (UFMG - 2002) and a Specialist in the history of culture and art (2005). She studied Master's Degree in Scientific Illustration at the University of Évora (2009-2011) where she wrote her dissertation: Unknown Brazil: Botanical Illustration discovers the Amazon and the closed. "She offers courses at her Atelier in Brumadinho, MG - Brazil. Author of the publications : ABCDesenho (2007), Botanical Illustration (2008) and Zoological Illustration (2016).

She worked at the Federal University of Minas Gerais as a specialist designer since 1982. Developing graphic projects for publications, scientific illustrations for the Center for Taxonomic Collections of the Institute of Biological Sciences of the UFMG

It offers courses in scientific illustration since 2005, especially botanical and zoological illustration, currently at its Atelier de Brumadinho. He has recently launched a bilingual didactic book on zoological illustration and the botanical illustration book will soon be published, where he will publish works by specialists from all over Latin America and the Iberian Peninsula.

Magistral_Juan Pablo Vergara

Juan Pablo Vergara


Studies in Biology and Extension courses in Artistic Drawing at the National University of Colombia. Graduated in Visual Arts from the Guerrero Academy of Arts in Bogota.

Around thirty years illustrating for: Institute of Natural Sciences of the National University of Colombia, Andrés Bello Agreement, Botanical Garden “José Celestino Mutis” Bogotá, Biopacifico Project, Amazonian Institute of Scientific Research “Sinchi”, Alexander Institute of Biological Resources Research Von Humboldt, El Tiempo Publishing House, Tropenbos Foundation, among many others. P

He participated as a workshop leader and speaker in meetings of Scientific Illustrators in Quito-Ecuador (2015) and in Puebla-Mexico (2015 and 2016). He coordinated two Botanical Drawing contests, one Latin American in 2002 and the other national in 2005. About seventeen years as a university professor BOTANICAL ILLUSTRATION and ZOOLOGICAL ILLUSTRATION.

Magistral_Jaime Bonilla

Jaime Bonilla


Jaime Bonilla is a Doctor of Medical Art from the University of Dundee in Scotland and is a member of the Medical Artist Association of the United Kingdom. He has devoted himself to illustrating human anatomy and drawing the life model in pencil. In turn, he has dedicated himself to digital scientific illustration and 3D modeling.


Juan Camilo Contreras Jaramillo

Juan Camilo Contreras Jaramillo


Lawyer from the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana; candidate for a doctorate in Legal Sciences, with a specialization in Industrial Property, Copyright and New Technologies and a Master's in Intellectual Property. He worked as an associate lawyer in the area of Intellectual Property and Entertainment Law in important firms in Colombia and Spain, and as an advisor to the National Directorate of Copyright (Colombia). Currently, together with his professional practice, he is a research professor at the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, head of various subjects such as intellectual property, civil law, goods and obligations.

Red Iberoamericana de Ilustración Científica

Ibero-American Network of Scientific Illustration

In this space, illustration experts will meet to form the Ibero-American Network of Scientific Illustration. Among the countries that will participate will be Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru and Chile.

Encuentro de saberes

Meeting of knowledge

In this space, Abel Rodríguez, Uldarico Matapí and Carlos Rodríguez will meet to talk about scientific illustration from an indigenous perspective. How scientific investigations can be complemented with their traditional knowledge of the local fauna and flora. Taking into account that these illustrations mix the knowledge of particularities and properties of nature and the modern scientific classifying exercise.

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