"A recognition of environmentally and culturally diverse educational contexts"


Category 6-11 years

Elian Josue Albarracín
Girls at the foot of the tree

Una sonrisa de las niñas.

Camilo Steven Rodríguez Pedroza

Los animales y plantas trabajan juntos para ayudar entre sí, prolongando la misma naturaleza.

Category 12-17 years

Xavier Ignacio Jativa

Mi territorio, un territorio a la vista de todos.

Juan Jose Josa
Lights of my town: under the miracle of heaven.

Bajo el milagro del cielo.

Mariana silva


En el instante menos esperado brotó aquella mirada que me atrapó en el momento indicado.

Category over 18 years

Khristian venegas
Scales of innocence

El filo de la indiferencia da sentencias de injusticia, los seres que serpentean también son formas de vida, dales respeto y cuidado, sé distinto, sé humano. Especie registrada: Sibon nebulatus.

Wild Munoz
Apidae euglossinae

Un vuelo que nos muestra la magia y la sincronización entre la flora y la fauna insecta, a veces despreciada pero siempre necesaria.

Foto tomada en Santa Bárbara Antioquia durante una salida de campo de la asignatura entomología

Jerónimo Jaramillo Bejarano

Las iguanas son  grandes son grandes observadoras, son ágiles y fuertes. lastimosamente la población de iguanas se ve arduamente afectada por la deforestación de zonas de hábitat de ellas, por lo tanto, es deber de nosotros respetar estos espacios y velar por la protección de ellos.


Andrés Mauricio Forero Cano

Biologist from the National University of Colombia. In the field of photography, he has nearly five years of experience, mainly in the field of macro photography and wildlife photography.

He is developing a photographic project called Naturphilosophie, with which he seeks through images, stories and curious biological data, to publicize the majesty of the biodiversity of our country and create a sense of belonging that promotes respect for nature, since people they only protect what they know and appreciate.

Maria Andrea Parra

Visual Artist of the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana. Always a traveler, and a climber. It seeks to be in contact with natural environments at every opportunity that presents itself.

For a long time he devoted himself to travel and landscape photography, but recently he found a passion for documentary photography; It was incredible to him the idea of going not only in search of landscapes, but of how the original people of these places live them from their daily lives.

He hopes that through this contest the participants will find photography as that ideal medium to marvel at the country that we are fortunate to inhabit, and thus be motivated to value and care for the resources that the earth offers us.

Nicolas Giraldo Echeverry

An ecologist at the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, he has worked on research projects with ethnic communities and with
different biological groups (Amphibians, Reptiles, Mammals and Birds). Its objective, not only professionally but in life, is to ensure that people coexist with nature under a mutually beneficial relationship. For this reason, together with a cousin, he created a tour operator, with an emphasis on bird watching, which seeks to become a platform for financing research and conservation projects hand in hand with local communities. To achieve this goal, photography became his way of interpreting reality and his tool to publicize the forgotten Colombia, the country that very few Colombians know exists and that little by little disappears into anonymity.


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