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This is participatory science program, that seeks to consolidate and promote a conservation program for spotted small cats of the genus Leopardus present in Colombia(L. pardalis, L. wiedii, L. pajeros y L. tigrinus), to implement technical, scientific and participatory actions focused on the conservation of the species and their natural habitats in Colombia.


To do that, the program is framed in the following specific objectives:


  1. To articulate and consolidate actions to disseminate the knowledge and conservation of the species of spotted small cats of the genus Leopardus, through processes of environmental education and institutional strengthening.

  2. To generate and contribute to the state of scientific knowledge about the biology, ecology of the spotted small cats of the Leopardus genus in Colombia.

  3. To promote actions that allow the resolution of present and potential wildlife conflicts between spotted small cats of the genus Leopardus and human communities, to mitigate the negative impacts.

  4. To consolidate a management and conservation plan for spotted small cats of the genus Leopardus in Colombia through technical, scientific and participatory actions in the prioritized regions.


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Conversatorio felinos -PUJ Cali

Ecology, distribution and habitat of Leopardus tigrinus in the area of the Iguaque Wildlife Sanctuary

Aim: Identify the presence-absence of L. tigrinus in the different landscape covers of the SFF Iguaque. Identify aspects related to the ecology of the species, as well as the possible threats in this area.

Results:  It was possible to identify the zones of presence and absence of the species, within the area of the SFF Iguaque doing sampling with cameras trap. The presence of the species was confirmed both by photographs and indirect evidence, the ecology information of the species related to the landscape covers where records were found and the potential distribution of the prey species.


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Scientific dissemination on the species of the genus Leopardus, focused on digital communication

Aim: Provide truthful and relevant information on the differential characteristics of each of the species of the genus, through a series of infographics published on social networks.

Resultados: Dissemination of the infographics of each of the species. These infographics are the first stage of a campaign that seeks the general public to know the ecological importance of these species in Colombia and Latin America.


Environmental Education Workshop in San Francisco de Sales- Cundinamarca

Aim: Through didactic activities with children between the ages of six and thirteen evaluate the knowledge about land mammals in the area.

Results: A diagnosis of the level of knowledge of wildlife in children was made with San Francisco de Sales-Cundinamarca.  Environmental education workshops were developed in urban education institutions on ecology and conservation of the species present in the area and recognized by children. The tigrillo was recognized and valued by the children

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