Colombia is a megadiverse country that has 492 species of mammals, the fourth in the world. Some of these species are threatened mainly by the destruction and transformation of their habitats.
For most of these species, aspects such as their biology, ecology, population status, distributional ranges, etc., are not known, making it difficult to implement conservation actions. In this way, by contributing to the knowledge of these aspects, it will be possible to propose, implement,  conservation actions. In this sense, the state of knowledge of the Erethizontidae family in Colombia is very low, with much synonymy, erroneous information, and in many cases confusing. This is due, in large part, to the continuing lack of clarity in both their taxonomy and their
distribution within the country.

This program is aimed at contributing to the knowledge of the Erethizontidae family, with emphasis on the Coendou genus present in the country, regarding the implementation, evaluation, and standardization of porcupine sampling methodologies, as well as research that allows determining the status of conservation of the species of this family.

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